In the 1930's the North Branch Village Council along with a few local businessmen put the wheels in motion to build a municipal power plant. The Village experienced frequent power outages and they also felt that the electric rates were unreasonably high. Years of hard work paid off and the North Branch Municipal Power Plant began generating electricity in 1941.

1938: The Village Council and businessmen A.F. Johnson, Stanley Olson and E.R. Alvin approached the Eastern Minnesota Power Company  (EMPC) about a rate reduction. The EMPC would not consider a rate reduction so the group of men threatened to build a municipal power plant.

1940: In January the businessmen distributed a petition to the residents of North Branch, asking the Village Council of North Branch  to investigate the possibility of a municipal power plant. On January 22 a special Village Council meeting was held to review this petition. A special election was held on February 2 to vote on pursuing a municipal power plant. The residents voted 334-48 and the Village Council was authorized to hire an engineer to conduct an impartial survey of all aspects of a municipal power plant. On May 11 the Village Council received a quote from the engineering firm of $89,615 for the construction of the "Light Plant". The residents of North Branch voted 254-64 on August 9 to approve the construction of the municipal light plant. Preparation for the site of the plant began on September 12 and construction began October 3.

1941: Construction was completed in mid March. On March 17 at 3:33 p.m., the mayor of North Branch flipped the switch and the power plant was in business.

1942: March 17, one year after the start of business, the light plant reported a net profit of $8,189.92.

1945: The light plant needed to expand and added a 450 hp Fairbanks Morse engine for generating electricity.

1951: There were five full-time employees and one part-time employee.

1954: Due to continued growth, it became beneficial to enter into a contract with R.C.P.A.

1956: The Village of North Branch began construction of a water filtration plant.

1957: The water filtration plant began operating.

1959: The diesel engines used for generation were converted to burn natural gas.

1960: Expansion was necessary due to continued growth. The light plant purchased a 1,280 hp eight cylinder Fairbanks Morse engine. An addition was needed to house the new generator and it's parts. Office space was also added for the village clerk's office.

1968: The commission purchased a substation on Cedar Street from R.C.P.A.

1970: A major expansion was started with the purchase of a re-manufactured 1365 KW 1,920 hp Fairbanks Morse engine.

1972: The commission purchased a gas station, west of the light plant. The building was used for storage and was later converted to an ambulance garage.

1973: The commission installed a 30,000 gallon fuel storage tank to be used in case the regular fuel supply was interrupted.

1977: North Branch became one of the original members of the United Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (UMMPA). Municipal utilities worked together to provide the most economical source of power to their communities.

1980: A new substation was constructed next to the light plant building. The new substation made it possible to carry the entire electric load of North Branch

1981: The first computer was purchased to process the electric bills.

1984: UMMPA merged with Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA). It was decided to move ahead with the construction of a new water tower. The new water tower had a capacity of 300,000 gallons whereas the old tower's capacity was 75,000 gallons.

1985: A flowering crab tree was donated and planted in the yard in front of the office in memory of the mayor.

1986: Direct payment was offered to customers for the first time.

1993: Began construction of the water tower on 386th Street with a capacity of 200,000 gallons.

1994: The city of Branch's water system was added along with their customers.

1996: The upgrade of converting our electric system from 2460 volts to 4160 volts began. Our electric service territory expanded out to the Casselberry Ponds development. Generating units #1 and #2 were overhauled.

2003: Two 2,750 hp Caterpillar diesel engines were added to the generation department. Construction of the water tower on Grand Avenue began.

2007: The electric department started to convert the electric system from overhead to underground. Construction began on water treatment plant #2.

2008: An upgrade on the substation began.

2010: Refurbishing began on water treatment plant #1. Remodeling started on the light plant building for generation upgrades. The 1,280 hp and 1,920 hp Fairbanks Morse engines were removed.

2011: Three 3,286 hp Caterpillar diesel engines were installed. To better serve our existing customers and plan for future growth, the electric system was converted from 4160 volts to 7200 volts.

2013: Two diesel catalysts were installed for the two diesel engines (2003) per federal requirements.