Auto Pay

Auto pay may save you time as well as help you avoid any penalties for late or missed payments. There are three simple ways to sign up for auto pay.

          1.  Fill out the auto pay form online and return it to our office.

          2.  Call our office to have a form sent to you so you may fill it out and return it to our office.
               Options one and two allow you to have the amount of your bill automatically deducted from a checking or 
                    savings account of your choice. The payment is processed on the day that the bill is due.

          3.  Create an account online and sign up for recurring payments. 
               Option three allows you to choose the day that you would like your monthly payment processed. Choose a 
                    date on or before the day your bill is due to avoid penalties.

If you are interested in auto pay or if you have any questions, please contact our office at (651) 674-7100.